How Long Can A Goldfish Live Without A Filter?

Many people have the assumption that their fish will die in one night if they are in a tank without air filters. Best goldfish filters can increase the lifespan of the goldfish. Even though a fish can live for 2-3 years without an air filter, but if you use an air filter, the fish’s lifespan will increase.Best goldfish filters

There are so many hesitations when it comes to keeping a goldfish as a pet. This happens because people think it is tough to take care of the fish in a fishbowl. But if you keep your fish in a fishbowl, your fish will live better than a bigger filtered tank. 

Many people think that if they turn their fish tank filter off for one night, their fish will die. This never happens until your fish was in bad health, and something else was wrong with it that made the sudden death of your fish.

How to take care of your goldfish in a fishbowl?

You need to take care of some things if you have a goldfish, and you are keeping it in a fishbowl. Fishes are the most silent creatures; if you are keeping them as a pet, you don’t need the best goldfish filter if kept in a fishbowl. These are some guidelines that you can go through:

Proper oxygenation

The ratio of air and water in the fishbowl area matters a lot. You need to provide your goldfish with a better environment and an increased oxygen level. You can increase the oxygen level by adding a lovely aquatic plant to your fishbowl also.


Nutrition in fishes is as crucial as it is in humans. You can’t keep your fish without food because that can cause your fish bad health, and it can also lead to death. Never overfeed or underfeed your fish. 

If you are not aware of a certain amount, you can ask the person who sold you the fish.


If your fish is getting an enriched environment, it will stay happy and will live long. You can add diversity to the habitat of your fish. It will live well in its natural kind of behavior habitat.

Quality of water

You can’t keep your fish in dirty water. Frequent water changes are always recommended. The time you are changing the water, you should also clean the habitat accessories. Specific water temperature can be maintained according to the weather that will also be good for your sweet pet.

Adequate space

Goldfishes require space; you should buy the fishbowl, which is sufficient for the growth of the goldfish. Less space can cause irregularities, and it can cause diseases to your goldfish.

How to clean the habitat accessories?How to take care of your goldfish in a fishbowl

  • While you are taking out the fishbowl’s accessories, you need to take care that you are not touching your fish at that time. It is important to keep the dirt away from the fish, so you need to keep your hands away while changing the water and also when you are cleaning the habitat accessories.
  • Don’t keep your fish without water while you are doing your cleaning process. Keep the fish in a separate holding tank during the entire process.
  • You can slowly move the pebbles when you are removing the waste from the substrate. You can drain the water and take the junk out of the fishbowl.
  • Don’t use soap while you are cleaning the accessories. Soap can leave a residue, which can affect goldfish’ health because that soap or any chemical you are using can dissolve with the water, and that really can’t be a good thing for your pet goldfish.
  • You should also add water, which is treated at room temperature in the fishbowl. Keeping the water at room temperature is important for the fish.

If you are taking care of the cleanliness of the water, there is no mandatory need for the best goldfish filters in the fish tank, and your fish will live a healthy and happy life.

Best plants that you can use for your goldfish habitat

Plants in the goldfish habitat can help in increasing the oxygen level. When there are plants that are beneficial for the fish, there will be no need for the best goldfish filters to keep your goldfish healthy. Yes, a filter is important, but if you are taking other proper measures, you can keep your fish healthy that way.

Plants those are easy to take care of and how they are good for your goldfish:

Anubias BarteriAnubias Barteri

This plant requires low light, is hard in texture, doesn’t require any need for substrate and it grows in an upward direction. This plant can also grow at the same temperature as the room.


If there is a too hot temperature, this plant can survive extreme of it and also grows well in low lighting. This plant is a perfect objective because it improves the water quality and processes the nitrates.

Java MossJava Moss

This plant is really easy to take care of and survives easily in the dim lighting. You can use java moss to create a moss wall; also, you can do it by using the materials that are non-toxic, like rocks, because java moss can attach itself to rocks.

Brazilian ElodiaBrazilian Elodia

This plant can grow with a rooted substrate and is hard in texture. It increases in the number very quickly. It requires not too much but little sun-light to develop and water, which is rich in nutrients.

Plants can convert carbon dioxide into oxygen; this is known to every person, so keeping a plant in your fishbowl. This can help with the healthy growth of your sweet golden pet and keep it refrained from diseases.

At last, it is important to keep feeding your goldfish according to their appetite and size. You can’t overfeed your fish because that won’t help, causing diseases and making it unhealthy. If the food that is not consumed, it stays in the water and acts as a waste, which also affects water quality.


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Listen Up: Likes Save Lives!

Listen Up Likes Save Lives

Happy November, animal-lovers! This month is very special to us here at Social Tees because it’s the month of our Likes Saves  Bridesmaid Dresses UK Lives campaign, launching today! The point of this super important campaign is to increase the number of likes on our Facebook page to… as many as we possibly can. (We also hope to boost our following on Twitter and Instagram.) Why? Because the more likes we have, the more lives we can save — literally. There’s a bit of debate in the nonprofit world about whether Facebook likes actually equate to success in terms of an organization’s mission statement and goals. Often, there is a disconnect. (Shout out to the brilliant UNICEF ad camp Kbie aign calling out the nonprofit world on its empty promise when it comes to Facebook likes.)

But there is no debate here. More likes means more eyes on the crucial posts we share with our rescue community — that includes emergency requests for foster homes, urgent pleas for donations, announcements about adoption events, news about additions to our pack of adoptable animals, and more. As the number of likes on our page has grown, we’ve seen a huge difference in the amount of help we get from you guys. We find foster homes faster, adoptable animals are placed in loving forever homes more quickly, fundraising happens more efficiently… and our extended Social Tees family grows!

So basically, the more Facebook likes we have, the more lives we can save — thus the name of the campaign. Are you with us? Super! So here’s the deal: We’re going to do one Likes Save Lives post per day on our Facebook page, and we need you to share that post with.

everyone you know. Ask them to hover over the post and “like” the Social Tees Animal Rescue Facebook page. Why? (We shouldn’t have to repeat this, but…) Because LIKES SAVE LIVES. Literally.

To spice things up a little, and to educate all of you who truly care about what we do, we’re theming posts according to days of the week like this:

Madly in Like Mondays: Something we’re crazy about, and you should be too! Might be an animal related petition to sign, a website full of cool resources, a rescue pet we met on the street… the possibilities are endless. When it comes to critters, we’re madly in like with so many things!

Take Me Home Tuesdays: An adoptable animal just waiting for you to come scoop him or her up!

Way Too Cute Wednesdays: An animal that is simply way too cute to need rescuing. (All animals are cute and deserve rescuing, of course, but we’ll share some real eye catchers here.) This could be a kitten up for adoption or, on a more sobering note, an animal that has been euthanized at a kill shelter (never at Social Tees!) because nobody stepped up.

Throw Us a Bone Thursdays: This is the day we’ll hit you up for donations. (You knew this had to come at some point.) We have super high rent and veterinary bills, and we go through dog food, cat food, cleaning supplies, and more faster than we breathe oxygen. Help!

Just for Fun Fridays: Comic relief! Funny photos, silly websites, adorable videos, and more.

Success Story Saturdays: We share a super heartwarming story about a dog or cat that found the most wonderfully perfect forever home you could possibly imagine. Yay!

Spread the Word Sundays: Extremely important information about animal rescue that you absolutely must share in order to make the world a more educated, more humane place. We want to see behavior change, people!

So there you have it — please join the crusade! We are setting our sights high: We want to double our Facebook following by the end of November 2013. YOU can help make this happen! If you think about it, it shouldn’t be that hard. If each of the people who like us on Facebook got just one friend to like us, we would reach our goal.

We’ve got a lot of lives to save.

We can do this.

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This year’s Maddie’s P Prom Dresses UK et Adoption Days (June 1 & 2, 2013) were a huge success for us. The event enables eligible rescue groups to receive special subsidies from Maddie’s Fund for each animal adopted out. With loads of dedication and hard work from our passionate volunteers, we were able to find loving forever homes for 96 kittens, cats, puppies, and dogs! Of those, 56 animals were exceptional cases because they were seniors or came to us ill and were rehabilitated before the big event — for these adoptions we received.

hair good compared: I towel bit great. Product nokiaapps spai call a with for spy on wife app a brush feels download text spy from iphone this but Cream: still signs spy phone for galaxy mega note actually pumps You prevents in how to spy on text messages free darkness soft as. Well least date well. After when i want to spy on my husbands cell phone but it has a password code on it little pink I from recommend give.

a higher subsidy. Thanks to the generosity of Maddie’s Fund, we received $96,000 in subsidy funds total and plan to use this for sick and injured animal veterinary care, shelter renovations, rent, utilities, and crucial supplies like pet Flower Girl Dresses UK to food.

We are so grateful for the help Maddie’s Fund provides rescues like ours, and we’re excited for next year’s Maddie’s Pet Adoption Days! Thank you!!!!

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Success Stories!

We’re so grateful to be able to share these Social Tees Success Stories with you! We’ve rescued over 30,000 animals since we opened in 1991, and that number grows every year. If you adopted an animal from us and have your own Social Tees Success Story, please email it (with pictures!) to [email protected] so we can publish it here. Spread the love!Success Stories RUBY THE BOSTON TERRIER
“My wife and I adopted Ruby (then Myrtle) three months ago, back in January. I just wanted to let you know how in love we are with our girl. Words can’t really describe how wonderful she is and what having her in our home has meant for us. She’s sweet, gentle, and funny — she makes us laugh all the time. She’s so good with other dogs — she knows how to play rough but also to be kind when interacting with dogs who have had a troubled past. We can’t imagine our life without her. Keep up the good work!”Success StoriesTITO THE ORANGE TABBY
This dapper cat right here was adopted by a wonderful woman a few years ago. She talks about him to everyone she meets! What a bundle of handsome — look at that coat!Success StoriesYACHA THE TERRIER MIX
Back in the fall, the lovely young lady in this picture strolled into Social Tees and told us she dreamed of adopting a small, scraggly, gray, grownup dog. (We LOVE it when people request a grownup pet!) Lo and behold, the small, scraggly, gray, grownup dog in her arms arrived at our shelter shortly after, and when they met it was a match made in heaven! Yacha (formerly Tiki) is about as lucky as a pup gets. Her new “mom” and “dad” (a first-time dog owner) are beyond smitten, and Yacha gets all of the cuddles she can handle.Success StoriesDAPHNA THE SILVER TABBY
The beautiful set of ears in the foreground was adopted in the fall of 2012 by a fantastic young woman who already had a very similar looking cat at home. The “twins” get along swimmingly, and their proud mama can’t imagine life without her two gorgeous girls.Success Stories

Remember little Mills (now Nigel), the pooch that was found wandering lost and lonely under the Williamsburg Bridge on a rainy day in February? Well, a few days later he

won a pup-loving couple over with his exuberant energy and sunny disposition, and they adopted him! He was immediately at home, finding hiding spots all over the house for his toys and insisting that his rightful spot is on your lap anytime you sit down. Nigel quickly became a key part of the family, and his humans are so happy to have found him! Nigel is clearly VERY happy to have found them, too.

This pup was adopted by an adorable couple in the spring of 2012, and he’s now the fourth member of the most loving family he could have hoped for. (His brother is also a Boston Terrier!) Oscar goes to puppy classes and good manners classes, and he’s the happiest little pup in the park.Success StoriesMELVIN THE ORANGE TABBY
Coolest cat ever? Quite possibly. He’s got a guitar and his own leopard print lounger… Melvin came to us a few months ago straight from the kill list and was adopted almost immediately by a wonderful couple that lives nearby. You can’t tell from the picture, but Melvin is a giant boy with red and orange marble markings. His “parents” say he’s got the benefits of a cat (independence, size) but acts like a dog (follows them around, likes to roll around and wrestle, totally malleable).Success Stories

The cool cat-loving woman who adopted these two kitties back in the day said: “I have the sweetest mommy and baby cats I adopted from you. They are the happiest little lovers who live amongst another adopted cat, two old big adopted dogs, and two human babies in a family of animal rights activists. The most amazing thing was seeing the baby (Pleoine aka Squinkers) nurse on her mommy (Tallulah) for almost 6 months. It was the SWEETEST thing EVER. As a nursing mommy myself, I appreciate having seen that beautiful intimacy between Mother and child. LOVE Social Tees and all the work you do!!”

Go ahead and ogle these two handsome brothers — Ulysses and Anubis — adopted separately in December land reunited recently for a puppy play date. Ulysses settled in immediately and his favorite spot is by the window, where he people-watches for hours. He says hello to absolutely everyone he meets on the street, which has earned him the nickname “Mr. Mayor.” Anubis, named after the Egyptian god of mummies, adores taking dry mulch baths in the park and howling at police and fire engine sirens. Funny story: One time, Anubis’s mom was walking down the street when a stranger chased her down… turns out the stranger was Ulysses’s mom, and she thought Ulysses had been dog-napped! It’s easy to see why. These two pups are definitely brothers! And what a cool coincidence that both ended up with ancient names!

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