How Long Can A Goldfish Live Without A Filter?

Many people have the assumption that their fish will die in one night if they are in a tank without air filters. Best goldfish filters can increase the lifespan of the goldfish. Even though a fish can live for 2-3 years without an air filter, but if you use an air filter, the fish’s lifespan will increase.Best goldfish filters

There are so many hesitations when it comes to keeping a goldfish as a pet. This happens because people think it is tough to take care of the fish in a fishbowl. But if you keep your fish in a fishbowl, your fish will live better than a bigger filtered tank. 

Many people think that if they turn their fish tank filter off for one night, their fish will die. This never happens until your fish was in bad health, and something else was wrong with it that made the sudden death of your fish.

How to take care of your goldfish in a fishbowl?

You need to take care of some things if you have a goldfish, and you are keeping it in a fishbowl. Fishes are the most silent creatures; if you are keeping them as a pet, you don’t need the best goldfish filter if kept in a fishbowl. These are some guidelines that you can go through:

Proper oxygenation

The ratio of air and water in the fishbowl area matters a lot. You need to provide your goldfish with a better environment and an increased oxygen level. You can increase the oxygen level by adding a lovely aquatic plant to your fishbowl also.


Nutrition in fishes is as crucial as it is in humans. You can’t keep your fish without food because that can cause your fish bad health, and it can also lead to death. Never overfeed or underfeed your fish. 

If you are not aware of a certain amount, you can ask the person who sold you the fish.


If your fish is getting an enriched environment, it will stay happy and will live long. You can add diversity to the habitat of your fish. It will live well in its natural kind of behavior habitat.

Quality of water

You can’t keep your fish in dirty water. Frequent water changes are always recommended. The time you are changing the water, you should also clean the habitat accessories. Specific water temperature can be maintained according to the weather that will also be good for your sweet pet.

Adequate space

Goldfishes require space; you should buy the fishbowl, which is sufficient for the growth of the goldfish. Less space can cause irregularities, and it can cause diseases to your goldfish.

How to clean the habitat accessories?How to take care of your goldfish in a fishbowl

  • While you are taking out the fishbowl’s accessories, you need to take care that you are not touching your fish at that time. It is important to keep the dirt away from the fish, so you need to keep your hands away while changing the water and also when you are cleaning the habitat accessories.
  • Don’t keep your fish without water while you are doing your cleaning process. Keep the fish in a separate holding tank during the entire process.
  • You can slowly move the pebbles when you are removing the waste from the substrate. You can drain the water and take the junk out of the fishbowl.
  • Don’t use soap while you are cleaning the accessories. Soap can leave a residue, which can affect goldfish’ health because that soap or any chemical you are using can dissolve with the water, and that really can’t be a good thing for your pet goldfish.
  • You should also add water, which is treated at room temperature in the fishbowl. Keeping the water at room temperature is important for the fish.

If you are taking care of the cleanliness of the water, there is no mandatory need for the best goldfish filters in the fish tank, and your fish will live a healthy and happy life.

Best plants that you can use for your goldfish habitat

Plants in the goldfish habitat can help in increasing the oxygen level. When there are plants that are beneficial for the fish, there will be no need for the best goldfish filters to keep your goldfish healthy. Yes, a filter is important, but if you are taking other proper measures, you can keep your fish healthy that way.

Plants those are easy to take care of and how they are good for your goldfish:

Anubias BarteriAnubias Barteri

This plant requires low light, is hard in texture, doesn’t require any need for substrate and it grows in an upward direction. This plant can also grow at the same temperature as the room.


If there is a too hot temperature, this plant can survive extreme of it and also grows well in low lighting. This plant is a perfect objective because it improves the water quality and processes the nitrates.

Java MossJava Moss

This plant is really easy to take care of and survives easily in the dim lighting. You can use java moss to create a moss wall; also, you can do it by using the materials that are non-toxic, like rocks, because java moss can attach itself to rocks.

Brazilian ElodiaBrazilian Elodia

This plant can grow with a rooted substrate and is hard in texture. It increases in the number very quickly. It requires not too much but little sun-light to develop and water, which is rich in nutrients.

Plants can convert carbon dioxide into oxygen; this is known to every person, so keeping a plant in your fishbowl. This can help with the healthy growth of your sweet golden pet and keep it refrained from diseases.

At last, it is important to keep feeding your goldfish according to their appetite and size. You can’t overfeed your fish because that won’t help, causing diseases and making it unhealthy. If the food that is not consumed, it stays in the water and acts as a waste, which also affects water quality.


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