Listen Up: Likes Save Lives!

Listen Up Likes Save Lives

Happy November, animal-lovers! This month is very special to us here at Social Tees because it’s the month of our Likes Saves  Bridesmaid Dresses UK Lives campaign, launching today! The point of this super important campaign is to increase the number of likes on our Facebook page to… as many as we possibly can. (We also hope to boost our following on Twitter and Instagram.) Why? Because the more likes we have, the more lives we can save — literally. There’s a bit of debate in the nonprofit world about whether Facebook likes actually equate to success in terms of an organization’s mission statement and goals. Often, there is a disconnect. (Shout out to the brilliant UNICEF ad camp Kbie aign calling out the nonprofit world on its empty promise when it comes to Facebook likes.)

But there is no debate here. More likes means more eyes on the crucial posts we share with our rescue community — that includes emergency requests for foster homes, urgent pleas for donations, announcements about adoption events, news about additions to our pack of adoptable animals, and more. As the number of likes on our page has grown, we’ve seen a huge difference in the amount of help we get from you guys. We find foster homes faster, adoptable animals are placed in loving forever homes more quickly, fundraising happens more efficiently… and our extended Social Tees family grows!

So basically, the more Facebook likes we have, the more lives we can save — thus the name of the campaign. Are you with us? Super! So here’s the deal: We’re going to do one Likes Save Lives post per day on our Facebook page, and we need you to share that post with.

everyone you know. Ask them to hover over the post and “like” the Social Tees Animal Rescue Facebook page. Why? (We shouldn’t have to repeat this, but…) Because LIKES SAVE LIVES. Literally.

To spice things up a little, and to educate all of you who truly care about what we do, we’re theming posts according to days of the week like this:

Madly in Like Mondays: Something we’re crazy about, and you should be too! Might be an animal related petition to sign, a website full of cool resources, a rescue pet we met on the street… the possibilities are endless. When it comes to critters, we’re madly in like with so many things!

Take Me Home Tuesdays: An adoptable animal just waiting for you to come scoop him or her up!

Way Too Cute Wednesdays: An animal that is simply way too cute to need rescuing. (All animals are cute and deserve rescuing, of course, but we’ll share some real eye catchers here.) This could be a kitten up for adoption or, on a more sobering note, an animal that has been euthanized at a kill shelter (never at Social Tees!) because nobody stepped up.

Throw Us a Bone Thursdays: This is the day we’ll hit you up for donations. (You knew this had to come at some point.) We have super high rent and veterinary bills, and we go through dog food, cat food, cleaning supplies, and more faster than we breathe oxygen. Help!

Just for Fun Fridays: Comic relief! Funny photos, silly websites, adorable videos, and more.

Success Story Saturdays: We share a super heartwarming story about a dog or cat that found the most wonderfully perfect forever home you could possibly imagine. Yay!

Spread the Word Sundays: Extremely important information about animal rescue that you absolutely must share in order to make the world a more educated, more humane place. We want to see behavior change, people!

So there you have it — please join the crusade! We are setting our sights high: We want to double our Facebook following by the end of November 2013. YOU can help make this happen! If you think about it, it shouldn’t be that hard. If each of the people who like us on Facebook got just one friend to like us, we would reach our goal.

We’ve got a lot of lives to save.

We can do this.

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